with Louise Footner


Thai Yoga Massage

Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic I am not currently offering any massage treatments.

Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing tradition. It is a deeply therapeutic treatment which can achieve lasting benefits to health and well-being.

The massage works along the energy lines of the body using rythmic pressure to release energy blockages in the body, restoring balance and harmony and increasing feelings of energy and positivity.

You will be assisted into different yoga stretches using deep breathing and gentle pressure.

The combination of energy work and applied stretches can be powerful, enabling the body to open in new ways and leading to greater physical flexibility.

I am reiki attuned and you may well feel a healing energy through the massage.

A treatment will usually end with a relaxing face massage.

One hour £50

An hour and a half £70

Two hours £80

For a confidential discussion of how a thai yoga massage might benefit you please get in touch.

‘I have just had the most wonderful massage I have ever had in my life! (And I have had a good many over the years). Louise uses her full body weight & strong hands to reach the very deepest layers of muscle, where she somehow finds just the right places to put pressure on, slowly and powerfully. She also works on the joints by by pulling on limbs, stretching & manipulating in ways that cannot be achieved by active exercise alone. I shall treat myself to this once a month……. Thoroughly recommended!’ Elena Brebner, Teddington, January 2020

‘I would like to recommend Louise Footner as a massage therapist. I suffer from long-term shoulder tension and I have tried different therapies. Thai yoga massage was different from other treatments I have had before. Louise works a lot on the energy lines in the feet and legs, rather than trying to knead out knots and tension in my shoulders. To my surprise, my shoulders were much more relaxed then from other treatments I have had. Another surprising benefit was when I went to a dynamic flow yoga class a couple of days later my legs were more flexible and stable.’ Sufiyo Andersson, Ham, December 2019