with Louise Footner


What my students say…

This is such a lovely class which leaves me feeling simultaneously relaxed and energised. Since doing these classes I’ve noticed that my joints don’t feel so tight and my core strength and flexibility have improved significantly. Louise has a really calm, friendly manner & offers alternatives to poses according to individual needs, enabling anybody to join the class regardless of experience or ability. If you’re looking for a class to help reconnect with your inner peace and revitalise your energy levels then I’d highly recommend this one! Easy to use – would use again! Mary Salmon

‘Thank you Louise for a wonderful experience this morning. That was the first time that I have done outside yoga in the UK. Your classes are always a joy to attend but this morning in the open air, by the river was very special – both energizing and relaxing at the same time. Please do more outside classes this summer, weather permitting!’ Sharon Harding, Ham

‘Ham Yoga is like a warming ray of sunshine on the common every Tuesday morning, and I leave the sessions feeling that my body has been challenged and my mind refreshed. I have tried yoga several times before, but it never clicked for me before I started Louise’s classes. Louise clearly explains the movements in a calm, soothing and encouraging manner and I feel I have really progressed during my time with her. I have suffered from a sore hip for while and I have definitely noticed how much less painful it is since starting the yoga, and how my flexibility and general wellbeing have been positively affected too.’ Jude Clark, Richmond

‘I love this class.  I have been through a major medical challenge this year and it has helped to keep me going mentally as well as introducing me to many useful techniques that I make use of on a daily basis.’ – Brian Willman, Richmond

‘As a complete novice at yoga I’m extremely glad I found Louise’s class. I’m really enjoying her style of teaching and the class is suitable for all abilities. I have found an inner confidence through attending Louise’s class and leave feeling I have challenged myself and learnt something new each time. I’m thoroughly enjoying my yoga journey with her calm encouragement and I look forward to every session.’ – Jennie Wilson, Richmond

‘I look forward to Louise’s class each week.  The atmosphere is relaxed and Louise makes everyone feel welcome. I joined as a beginner a year or so ago.  I am not very supple and not the quickest learner but it never feels like that.  Louise is excellent at combining whole class instruction whilst giving each of us the individual help that we need according to fitness and ability. I recommend this class!!’ – John Goddard, Richmond

‘Louise takes her classes in an open-hearted spirit of giving something that she loves & wishes to share. She demonstrates the postures adeptly with grace & fluidity and she has a gentle but clear voice, her particular quality of energy creating a unique atmosphere that is peaceful & nourishing. Louise is very knowlegeable about the technical aspects of Yoga, giving detailed directions for a large repetoire of postures, introducing new ones each session. She caters for all levels of ability; if a posture is too difficult she will suggest an easier variation. Louise’s classes always leave me feeling relaxed, centred and positive about the day ahead.’ – Elena Brebner, Teddington

‘I went back to yoga after a long interval and have now been taking classes with Louise for over a year. I find her style really helpful as it is very encouraging even when you are starting from an inexperienced base as I was. She’s also very good at accommodating different skill levels within the class. Not only have I learned a lot but its been very enjoyable. I always come out of the class feeling 10 times better than when I went in’  ~ Sian Healey, W London

‘I really enjoy Louise’s yoga classes. She has a gentle and relaxed style of teaching yet at the same time she encourages me to challenge myself. After each class I leave feeing calmer and more peaceful and I really look forward to the next one!’ ~ Joanna Wilson, SW London

‘Hi Louise. Just to say another thankyou for a gorgeous yin class. I feel so enlightened and energized. Really looking forward to the next one.’ Sam Doughty, Kingston

Dear Louise. I really loved and benefitted from the candlelit yoga last week. I woke the following morning free from lower back ache that I’ve had for several years! Incredible. Fiona Lorenzet, Richmond

‘Ham yoga has a lovely atmosphere, which is created by our instructor Louise. Louise is understanding and sympathetic to where each of us are on our yoga journey’. Brian Tench, Richmond

I would like to recommend Louise Footner both as a yoga teacher and massage therapist.
I have been to several of her candlelit yin yoga classes (Friday evenings once a month at St Thomas Aquinas) and they are deeply relaxing and beautiful.
I have also had one to one Thai yoga massage with her. I suffer from long-term shoulder tension and I have tried different therapies. Thai yoga massage was different from other treatments I have had before. Louise works a lot on the energy lines in the feet and legs, rather than trying to knead out knots and tension in my shoulders. To my surprise, my shoulders were much more relaxed then from other treatments I have had. Another surprising benefit was when I went to a dynamic flow yoga class a couple of days later my legs were more flexible and stable. Sufiyo Andersson, Ham

I have just had the most wonderful massage I have ever had in my life! (And I have had a good many over the years). Louise uses her full body weight & strong hands to reach the very deepest layers of muscle, where she somehow finds just the right places to put pressure on, slowly and powerfully. She also works on the joints by by pulling on limbs, stretching & manipulating in ways that cannot be achieved by active exercise alone. I shall treat myself to this once a month……. Thoroughly recommended! Elena Brebner, Teddington